Friday, February 17, 2006

the long war

It's official, 'Pinky and the Brain' are the policy strategists for the New American Century. They are, of course, planning world domination. However, this is a strange description. There are many in the White House and the Pentagon who fit Pinky's character, but apart from Condaleeza Rice who is a perfect lookalike for the Brain, not too many have any (brains that is.)

America is fighting what it now calls a 'long global war,' it is no longer merely the 'war on terror.' This is an even more ominous proposition than before. The USA has given itself the right to fight a perpetual global war of military, economic and cultural domination. You might say that it has always done this, albeit covertly or even deceptively, but now it has openly outlined its vision of domination in 'The 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review' (QDR).

Currently, their main overt interest is centred on Iraq and Afghanistan, but they are preparing to defend all US interests, wherever they desire, forever.

The long war is intended to extend far beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, and in common with their usual manner of operation, will include what they define as irregular warfare. In recent years, U.S. forces have been engaged in many countries to eliminate popular opposition by helping their right wing partners to police and govern their nation states for the benefit of US interests. This sphere of operations has included gun running, drug cartels and paramilitary death squads.

When Bush took office in 2001, the US was still on a redundant Cold War footing, but now they have engineered (with the help of their 'terrorist' protagonists) a terrifying era of the unexpected and the unpredictable - terrorphobia.They have used this to transform their military forces to better fit the needs of the 'New American Century.' A century of US world domination.

The U.S. global military force now emphasises its ability to to take action in so-called trouble spots across the globe.

The QDR is a reflection of the Department of Defense's thinking, and illustrates their military strategy. This includes;

A permanent US wartime footing. Peacetime planning is now considered redundant.

Actions in countries they are not at war with, but considered by the administration to be used as safe havens.

Pre-emptive aggression to shape the future for the benefit of US interests.

Massive investment into military equipment to ensure combat readiness anywhere in the world, and battle hardened forces (this of course will necessitate perpetual military actions to gain experience of warfare.)

An extension of 'multiple irregular, asymmetric operations,' an increase in covert operations, including the training and arming of various right wing paramilitary groups.

The ideas and proposals in the QDR provide 'a roadmap for change, leading to victory.' It emphasises the intention to employ client states to do more of the dirty work, and increase pre-emptive strikes. It increases the freedom of the United States and its allies to strike without consent. It seeks to sustain America’s advantage over potential competitors.

Alarmingly the intervention in countries where US prime interests may be abandoned is a primary objective. They seek to shape the choices of countries at what they call 'strategic crossroads.' Anything that opposes US demands will be nullified as official US policy.

Deterrence is to be strengthened. A wider range of conventional options in addition to nuclear deterrent will be introduced, including a small number of Trident submarine-launched ballistic missiles for use in conventional prompt global strike. There will be more use of unmanned aerial vehicles to increase persistent surveillance, and the development of the next generation long-range strike systems will begin.

'Tonight Pinky, we take over the world.'

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