Sunday, December 16, 2007

halle diddley lujah, praiseland for the uk

Flanders walks tall in the North of England.

The AH Trust, a charity set up last year by a group of businessmen, wants to build a £3.5m Christian theme park in the North of England, that's right, I kid you not, Ned's 'Praiseland.'

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It's intended to be a copy of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, where hundreds of thousands of visitors make pilgrimages to see a bloodied Jesus forced to carry his cross by snarling Roman soldiers.

The trust declined to say who the backers were, but admitted it is talking to a number of businessmen who have invested in city academies, leading to speculation that it may have approached Sir Peter Vardy, who has given millions of pounds to advance the claims of creationism. Vardey has also taken tens of millions of pounds of public money to further his ridiculous ideas.

The trust also says it plans to apply for government grants and European funding to help it realise its dream of turning its own television studio into 'an international leader in promoting family-oriented Christian programmes'. Grants for religious loonies? Whatever, I shan't be subscribing to that channel.

And just like Ned's fiasco, it'll be all puff and wind, a complete fake.

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So fuck off you religious whackos. If you want to emulate the life of your master, I'd be more than happy to nail you all to a cross myself.

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