Tuesday, November 04, 2008

this is what trotskyism stands for

A thirteen year old girl, who had been gang raped receives justice from Somalia's Union of Islamic Courts

Meanwhile the brave anti imperialists of the SWP laud the UIC as a 'serious blow against Imperialism'.


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Guerin said...

that's why it is necessary that there are alternatives

In the face of the economic crisis, working-class activists need to discuss the how we can move forward, and how workers are in fact fighting the attacks that come out of the crisis. As part of this discussion, activists in Argentina, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA have initiated a new journal, Mass Strike. The first issue of a new journal, is online at http://www.luxemburgism.lautre.net. It is now available in English and Spanish and will be available soon in French. Mass Strike is the bulletin of the International Luxemburgist Network, which groups together those who are in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg.

Luxemburg’s work on the democratic self-organization of the working class, the mass strike process, the functioning of capitalist accumulation and her unwavering opposition to all forms of nationalism is, we believe, critical to understanding and acting on today’s world. But her work grew out of living, evolving tradition of Marxist working-class thought that includes the work of many others before, during and since her time. We draw on that larger tradition, not on her work alone.

The website has a multilingual international forum. We encourage all those who agree with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg to contact us and to join this Network, since it is open to all.