Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Athens is in the hands of the Revolution

lifted verbatim from ian bones blog
8.10pm - Latest eyewitnes..- via Butchers……..
I had to leave earlier from the demo…. I am sure there are still a lot going on but could not stand there any longer I had big breathing problems… I have to trash my mask for sure, it did not help at all….
I am 30 years old, I have been to a number of demos but what happened today is out of any imagination….. I have NEVER seen something like this. NEVER. This is not the usual riot against riot police this is a BIG PUBLIC OUTRAGE. 15000 people on the streets tonight and HUDGE number of them participating on the riots. EVERYTHING IS BURNED. COMPLETELY. From the beggining of the demo, in Omonia, up to near the Greek parliament building (about 3 km) EVERYTHING got destroyed… I left after this point I had to walk for miles in order to get out of the city centre because there was nothing working, no tube, nothng…There is not a single bank, shop, or anything that remained undamaged…. The police responce was big, a LOT of chemicals, I am sure some “new” ones as well as I have a different “feeling” than on other days and also a lot of plastic bullets. A lot of people injured because of them. At a point a group of policemen had a girl down and were hitting her visiously. Others were hitting midle aged people that were on the demo. I did see policemen THROWING THINGS IN SHOPS AND STORES… Especially if those items WERE ON FIRE.
I am speaking to people on the phone now… in the department of Law of the university of Athens there are people trapped inside… The police are outside and are throwing chemicals INSIDE the buidling from the windows… It is a building with a lot of floors and one big stairway that connects them…. I suppose that the most people are trying to go to the top floors in order to avoid the chemicals as much as possible

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