Wednesday, March 25, 2009

your days of plenty are at an end

Much pompous bullshit is being written about the attack upon Goodwin's house, apparently, a broken window and a dented beemer is only on step away from full on terrorist war. these are a couple of comments that I wrote elsewhere:
If bankers like goodwin aren’t responsible then who is? These bastards are living the good life whilst the decisions they take destroy the lives of millions- a little payback that punctures their secure comfortable lives is to be welcomed.It is a long way away from carrying out executions of the bourgeoisie.
However there is a valid argument that they should pay for the lives that they destroy. That the blood that is shed by the sterile sweep of a pen should be repaid in kind.that the balance sheet adjustment that sweeps away industries and condemns communities to slow death should be answered with rage. that the "regrettable but necessary economies" that closes hospitals and results in unnecessary and pain filled suffering and early deaths does deserve retribution. If those who did these things were afraid that their crimes would be avenged, they might pause and think again.

They make their decisions safe in the knowledge that the effects would never touch them. Not because they intended to destroy lives or gain pleasure through others pain, but because they couldn’t give a shit for the effects it would have. Profit has been their god, and even as that god fails they walk away scot free learning nothing and caring less.

Make them fear.

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