Sunday, May 23, 2010


Watching the BBC footage of the lunatic disruption by the SWP of the ACAS talks between BA and UNITE my wife noted that "even the Anarchists were never so stupid". she is quite right, not even in the most fevered, acid fuelled, nightmares of Ian Bone and Chris Knight could such a cackhanded, wrongheaded, and completely counterproductive stunt have been imagined!
the cynical and elitist hijacking of the cause of the BA crew by the swap-trots displays in the most stark terms possible their contempt for the working class and for the futures of those in whose name they claimed to be acting.
If there can be any good from this shameful display then let us hope that it opens the eyes of trades unionists everywhere to the anti working class, anti union, and anti socialist nature of this nasty little sect.

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Dave E said...

Once again, Darren, you've hit the nail on the head.