Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'aving a laff? No, not really.

this weeks socialist worker is trying to drum up support for it's weekend summer school, Marxism (sic), In doing so they interview two (pretty obscure) stand up comedians who are on the slate for 'the entertainment'. The first Steve Parry is, we are breathlessly informed:
"a stand up comedian and writes for the Frank Skinner Show.

He has written for Man Stroke Woman, Dead Ringers and The Morning After Show. He works regularly for the legendary Basil Brush"

He is also a tosser.

You know, we talk about barricades and revolution, but our every day tools are trestle tables, leaflets and petitions.

Those fold up tables are like our Molotov cocktails – we are aware of where we are.

no. they are not.

a table

a molotov.

remember, it is important to recognise the differences.

the other, Joe Wells, is even more impressive, clearly expressing the rationale behind the swappies obsession with concealing their true political agenda behind numerous front campaigns
If you can win a crowd to trust you on something like fascism, then you can talk to them about anything.


Darren said...

That's not a molotov cocktail, that's a bottle of buckfast.

The flame resistant gloves needed to hold the bottle of buckie was the giveaway.

Steve said...

A tosser and swappie? Clearly you know nothing of me at all. Although I am fairly sure on the evidence presented, you are a sectarian cunt with fuck all better to do than snipe at the comments of a comedian! Judging by your other posts you are also barely literate and quite thick to boot.

The trestle table versus the molotov cocktail comment is clearly a comedic dig at the pathetic efforts of the far left in comparison to the past not a serious analysis of strategy you thick twat. It's a piss take.

I know it might be hard for you to understand but speaking to socialist worker doesn't make you a member of the SWP central committee. but you are so filled with hate for everyone else on the left you can't see that. The red party?! Ha ha ha!

I can only imagine what a sad no mark you are dividing your time between abusing minor comedians and scouring the net for dodgy porn. Not very socialist behavior comrade is it? I have software. I know what you are up to.

Here's an idea, get a sense of humour or become a real activist and do something meaningful (oh, I forgot too busy wanking over left wing blogs and indecent images). disgusting

Yours in comradeship

Steve Parry xxx

PS: You mate is right. It's defo a bottle of buckfast

darren redstar said...

googling yourself will make you go blind steven.
but it is always nice to be appreciated by ones readership.