Monday, September 13, 2010

please give me all your money

I am pleased to repoprt that I have been offered a place at Reading University to study for a MRes in Medieval Studies.
The downside is that for some unknown reason there is not a huge amount of funding available for budding medievalists.
I therefore need to find the money to pay my fees.
I am planning to study part time. This will enable me to meet my families living expenses whilst I am studying, and also to ensure that I continue to assist my wife in providing care to the foster children in our charge.
If you can help, then please visit my gofundme page:

anything that you can contribute will help enormously. The course is divided modularly, and the first module is only £500, which is not an impossible amount.
I hope that can get some funding from the Railway benefit fund, but cannot expect them to stump up all the cash.


ModernityBlog said...

Good luck Darren,

What bit of medieval history will you be researching?

Have you tried the RMT or other Union for some funding?

I'd even look at LP ones, I think they do exist outside of LP finances...sort og indirectly connected...there is a big list of funders some where, try this

bob said...

Good luck Darren.