Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Torys are back. Let the mask drop!

the sides of cop cars have in recent years become emblazoned with mission statements, usually crouched in incomprehensible, corporate, bollockeese.
in the thames valley for instance the police cars have for a number of years had "Thames Valley Police: Reducing crime disorder and fear" stencilled on them.
However it appears that the arrival of a Tory government the necessity for bland sloganeering is over. The above picture is of one of the vans deployed by the riot cops who kettled the anarchist bloc protesting against the Tories' conference in Birmingham last weekend.
For those without a classical education the latin is a quote attributed to Caligula
"Let them Hate so long as they Fear."
Community policing?
Utinam custodiae unam cervicem haberet!

thanx Ian Bone

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james walsh said...

If Anarchists go on such an ill conceived demo that has no more aim than being fodder for the SWP, I have little sympathy for those Anarchists who got kettled. Specially has Anarchists claim to have a critic of the SWP/Trots & Bolsheviks .