Monday, October 06, 2008

I didn't know there was a competition

The Americans are having one of their regular media circuses to discover the identity of the latest multi millionaire who will defend the interests of Americas richest for the next 4 years. this year has been somewhat enlivened by the one who isn't black appointing a mad woman as his potential vice president. Although Palin has the slight advantage over her 'Democratic' opponent Joe Biden, in that he is a old and balding politician and she looks like she just stepped off a MILF porn shoot, her associations with Alaskan separatists and funda-mentalist god bothering had marked her down as the looniest candidate since dan 'potatoe' quail.

"Mr Redstar You are a very naughty boy- I may have to spank you"

However, Americans do not like to do things by halfs, and it now seems that not to be outdone the US green party has trumped the Republicans with a candidate who out loons even Palin

the socialist unity site has reported how Cynthia McKinney, Green Party presidential candidate has claimed that the US government executed 5,000 prisoners and dumped their bodies in a swamp during the Katrina emergency. McKinney has form, she was previously a Democratic congresswoman and in the aftermath of 9/11 accused Bush of prior knowledge of the attacks, later becoming a early supporter of the 'Truther' cult.

However none of this dissuades the so called Green Left in Britain. Derek Wall said;

"I certainly backing Cynthia, good on ecology, peace and socialism as far as I am concerned, looks like she is the victim of smears….have listened to her speak she sounds sound to me, so I am happy to put this down as an out of context comment…’keep the oil in the soil’ and plenty of other stuff from her and Rosa mark them as powerfull candidates."

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Dave E said...

one up to the greens, loony twats.

btw sarah is not fanticising about you