Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rage, rage against the dying of the light! pt.1

the Left is, to all intents and purposes, a dead duck. the entire socialist project has turned out to have lasted less than a century and, rather than liberating humaity from the tyranny of class oppression instead inaugrated new and exciting forms of tyranny. The domination within the workers movement of statist forms of socialism, both leninist and social democrat, ensured that the interests of working people have always been sacrificed in the interests of state, party or in support of 'progressive movements'- anti- imperialists, Islamists, Latin American populist presidents, national liberation movements, the Greens etc. etc. whose first acts when achieving power would be to inevitably to launch attacks upon the working class.
Over 100 years ago a Polish revolutionary active within the Russian movement, Jan Wraclaw Machajski, came to the conclusion that the Marxists of the RSDLP were not interested in promoting to power the working class,but were instead aiming to establish power for a very different class, the Intelligentsia. Machajski confined himself to critiquing the Russian and German social democrats, but these two movements became the templates for all the socialist parties over the next century, and the western equivalent of the intelligentsia, the educated managerial class has been the prime mover and beneficary of these parties, both 'reformist', Social Democratic, and 'revolutionary', Communist.
In the UK the 'hard left' has been synonymous with the contrasting ideologies of stalinism and Trotskyism, The trotskyists, who until the 1960s were miniscule in comparison to the monolith of the british Communist Party, had portayed themselves as a purified Leninism with all the strengths of the Russian revolution but without the downsides of Stalinist degeneration. However, they were essentially parasitic upon the CPGB and the larger Labour Left that it influenced, without the communists to critique, the trots, far from being able to put forward 'true leninism' instead peddled cheap knock off replicas of stalinist policies to a far smaller, and rapidly shrinking audience. When unexpectedly in 2003 they found themselves at the head of a genuine mass movement they did not hesitate for a moment and immediately and publically junked all the principles which had guided them for decades and launched themselves into alliance with Islamic fundamentalists whose politics were indistinguishable from fascism.
Today what remains of the left sects tear each other apart over how many bolshevik angels could dance on the head of a commissar Trotsky's knob and pretend that their pronouncements have any relevance to to real world at all.

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