Saturday, March 22, 2008

sex tips for trots

from last years eurotrot summer camp newspaper:
"Bring together 500 young revolutionists of all Europe, in a place closed in full summer. To take pleasure? You want of it but you do not know yet ; how that will occur, if the heterosexual reports will be soaked with sexism than in your life of every days This had to be said, between revolutionists!
For opening out reports and a maximum catch of pleasure without doubts nor risks, there are sexual tools hyper. The first element is to fight presupposed that the system policies encrusted in our heads, until our ass. For that it is important to speak about sex most freely possible: to know its desires, to discuss, understand of it that the sex as it is political… in light to dilate its spirit at the same time as its bottom.
The hood is the only means of stopping the AIDS. Lubricated well, it will be able to return in any opening according to the desires One will be able to place it with the hands or the mouth.
The female condom consists of a matter which transmits much more heat that the latex. There is almost no chance that it crash and its external ring rubs the clitoris (hmmmmmm!). It is enough to place it and await 30 min that it is fixed. And it left for 8h pleasure!
To eat an ass or a pussy, it is enough to use a dam (right-angled latex has to apply with gel ) or a hood cut in the direction length to apply the side lubricated to the vagina or the anus. One places it on the zone so much desired with a little freezing between it and the opening and it left: our languages muscular of militant can act differently. Obviously, a hood by opening and partner. And if I do not want to kiss?

The sexual release is not to set up a against-standard where everyone kisses together It is to respect its desires and the desires of the others. One inevitably does not want to kiss, one can want to build other reports that reports of seduction. One can want to hold his she-cat with his own fingers. Like said it Marx *: when, how, with which, with how much: it is me which knows if I want or not; it is me which decides if I make or not! >>
* Dialectical of sodomy and gross wet beard, 1871"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

five years on- Why are we still marching?


Back in 2003 the Stop the War Coalition had two tactics to prevent war in Iraq: marching from A to B and then going home, and marching from B to A and then going home. Neither of these cunning plans worked, but they seemed so good to Tony Benn, Lindsey German and their friends it is all the StWC’s done to stop the war. This may let them claim the moral high ground: but how many divisions can that muster? Any superiority this might give them has, anyway, been squandered by their adherence to tactics which have failed to achieve their stated objectives. The British state has faced StWC down once and knows it can do so again if, for example, it chooses to partner the US in an attack on Iran.


Thankfully not all protestors followed the supine policies of the StWC. School and college students walked out of their institutions, disrupted traffic, and showed a willingness to wrestle with the police. When demonstrators travelled to disrupt the Fairford airbase, there was no ‘right’ to demonstrate, only the illegal actions of the police. Clearly they recognised the threat posed by direct action to the Government’s war plans, even if the StWC could not.


Gordon Brown is committed to the neo-conservative project. Those who celebrated Tony Blair’s resignation ought to consider that he handed over at a time of his choice to the successor of his choice who shares his politics. Britain remains in the missionary position and will remain so regardless of whether Bush, McCain, Obama or Clinton’s on top. Given this, a militant anti-war movement is as necessary as ever. Sadly the StWC is as impotent now as five years ago.


To cover up its flaccid nature, the StWC has as many excuses as an incapable lover. Their 2008 pamphlet begins with the following astonishing claim by Viscount Stansgate (Tony Benn): ‘The Stop the War movement is the most powerful and influential popular political movement of my lifetime and possibly of any period of our history’. If the last five years have been a victory, we would have hated to see a defeat! Such lies can also be found amongst the witterings of the SWP leadership, with John Rees informing us that ‘Tony Blair was Britain’s worst ever prime minister’ (has he never heard of Margaret Thatcher?) and that ‘we [the StWC] had driven him out of office’. This is nothing short of collective delusion and helps explain why the 1.5 million marchers in 2003 have been followed by ever decreasing turnouts. Working class people are used to being lied to by mainstream politicians – we do not need such lies from the self-proclaimed leaders of the anti-war movement as well.Given it has been such a flop when it matters, the Stop the War Coalition needs a good dose of Viagra. We are calling on demonstrators today to let the Stop the War Coalition leadership know their feeble approach satisfies only the state and the war-mongers.