Friday, February 20, 2009

Fucking Bastard Bankers!

while thousands are losing their jobs, thousands more are threatened with losing their homes, Popeye Brown pours billions into the pockets of the banker bastards who caused the fucking mess in the first place. The bankers themselves are happily pissing all over the rest of us!
fro the evening standard:

"A city banker stunned staff at a Soho club by running up a bar bill of more
than £40,000 in a single night.
The wealthy financier defied the credit
crunch by ordering the mammoth amount of drinks at a post-Brits party at Maya in
Dean Street.
The banker, who did not wish to be named, shared the drinks with
four friends and other partygoers in the club's VIP area on Wednesday
After spending more than £37,000 on champagne and vodka, the man left
a £5,000 tip for the waitress.
In less than three hours the group got through
two methuselahs of Dom Perignon, which each hold the equivalent of eight
bottles, at a cost of £9,000 each.
They also drank two jeroboams - the
equivalent of four bottles each - of Cristal and three magnums, equivalent to
two bottles, of Cristal Rosé. The bar bill also included five regular bottles of
champagne at £350 each and £3,000 worth of Belvedere vodka. A spokesman for Maya
said: "Maya gets a lot of big spenders, but this is a biggie.
"The recession
is hitting people hard, but it didn't seem to bother this man.
"He is a
regular in Maya and is a member, and he brought along four friends.
"But he
ended up sharing all the drinks with a lot of other people in the VIP area.
"The champagne bottles were coming out with sparklers in them and lots of
people approached them to see what was going on and were offered a
"They racked up the bill in about two and a half hours."
opened in September 2007.
Lady Gaga, Sienna
and actor Rhys Ifans have all partied at the club, whose DJs
specialise in funky house and electro music.
Henry Conway, the socialite son
of MP Derek Conway, runs parties and organises the guest list on Fridays."

Fucking bastard bastard banker bastards. make them pay in blood!