Sunday, October 30, 2005


the purpose of this blog is to provide a continuing sounding board for the political ideas for the group who were formally known as the red party. The red party as a functioning group came to an end in the early summer following the defection of one of our number to the leninist AWL and the general realisation that the remainder of us had developed an anti leninist politics.Much of the early writings of our group are available on and eventually we shall endeavour to republish them on here. However the main purpose of this blog is to produce new work explaining and arguing a form of communist politics that is free of the false gods and authoritarian myths of the leninist tradition.


Unknown said...

Hi, you may like my brothers blog. He is very political and has good articles.

Jez said...

Hi. Thanks for your comments Jaffet. I had a look at your brothers blog. Seems he is a staunch conservative, a big fan of george dubya, and is openly contemptuous of 'liberals' (I dread to think what his opinions are of us marxists!). So all in all his blog isn't really my cup of tea (putting it mildly), but thanks for thinking of us!