Thursday, December 27, 2007

cop death, murder - custody death, accident?

From April 1998 until the end of November 2007, there have been 117 deaths 'following police contact' in the Met. As far as I am aware, not one police officer has been arrested or charged for being complicit in these deaths.

How different when, following a Boxing Day domestic incident, a police officer who attended died. The man involved in the aforementioned incident was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder. (The officer he was accused of assaulting was not the one who died.)

In response to this incident, Home Office minister Tony McNulty said: "Events such as this highlight the dangers that our police officers face every day when protecting the public."

It has now been established that the officer in question died from heart disease, making McNulty's comments laughable. But perhaps he was referring to cops' propensity to eat all kebabs and other takeaways and thereby protect the general public from piggy heart disease.

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