Sunday, June 08, 2008

making Holocaust revisionism respectable

for a while now there has been a serious weakness at the heart of mainstream liberal and leftist politics. The Idea that in opposing imperialist war it is the duty of leftists to support uncritically any and all who stand against U.S. or other Western interests. This has led the anti war movement to embrace and cheerlead for some decidedly unsavoury charactors and movements- whether the embarrassment of "We are all Hesbollah!" or the presence of the spokesmen for Hamas and Al Sadr's Mahdi Army on 'Stop The War' podiums. In recent weeks this has even led some to defend the murderous dictatorships of the Generals in Burma and Mugabe in Zimbabwe, because if the British and Americans are against them then they MUST be supported.
Given these anti-imperialists other fixation, with Israel and Palestine, and the supposed power and influence of the 'zionist' lobbys on western politics, it isn't all that surprising that eventually they would seek to exonerate the reputation of earlier opponents to American and British imperialist designs and the powerful Zionist forces that controlled them.
Last month the Guardian's forum CiF printed an article by the former editor of the New Statesman Peter Wilby which trumpeted a new book by the American author Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke, which argued that the Nazis were not responsible for the Holocaust, and if it was not for the brutal warmongering of the British under Churchill and the US under Roosevelt, goaded on by the Zionist Lobby then Hitler would have peacefully relocated Europe's Jews to Madagastar. Nazi occupation and domination of all of Europe and colonisation of the East were to be prefered to fighting the fascists.
David Aaronovich's interview with Baker in yesterdays Times is fascinating showing how far such Idiot anti- imperialism can go; twisting history to fit into their conspiracy laden world view.

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