Sunday, December 14, 2008

More tales from two cities

the family of Jean Charles De Menzies have, in the 3 years since his murder by the Police in Stockwell tube station, acted with dignity and quiet determination to gain an element of Justice and a true account of their son's death.

In return the British state and it's apologists have spat on them and their son's memory.

the best that they have been able to achieve has been an open verdict at the inquest (and only then due to the bravery of the jury in rejecting the pressure from the police and the coroner) and not a single policeman or woman having to face responsibility for Jean Charles' murder.

After the murder of Alexandros Grigoropolous the streets of every city and large town in Greece have been ablaze with the righteous anger (and petrol bombs) of a youth enraged with the desire to gain justice for Alexi!

One week after Alexi's murder the pigs who killed him are facing charges of murder!

I hold the de Menzies in the greatest respect and hope with all my heart that they gain justice.

but the next time anyone loftily opines that "Violence never achieves anything," or how non violent protest is the only, or the best way, of winning anything; ask them about Alexi and Jean Charles.


Dave E said...

Top post Darren

Dave E said...

...but unfortunately, apart from the anarcho activist milieu, who gives a fuck? The Greek riots are inconsequential to almost everyone in the uk, including my kids on council estates who've never fucking heard of them...

darren redstar said...

too right dave, my own son knew nothing about greece till i showed him the videos
I swing wildly 'tween hope and despair at the moment