Sunday, May 09, 2010

A shabby deal behind closed doors and fuck the landed Gentry!

Nick Clegg Makes his position known

as the two public school toffs cobble a stitch up between them, nobody should be in any doubts that this has bugger all to do with democracy. the old etonian and the old Westminsterian are carving up the spoils before toasting a muffin between the buttocks of the british people.
Clegg made much during the campaign when the polls seemed to promise him the possibility of either a first place or second in the popular vote about how he would refuse to deal with a labour leader who came third in the poll, yet now even though Clegg was trounced in the election he stands as the kingmaker; hypocracy thy name is liberal.

billy Braggart Mansion

Yesterday we were treated to a amazing sight- a demonstration of the smug; liberal democrats marching to lobby clegg to ensure electoral change, amongst them was Billy Braggart- a man who for years paraded himself as a labour supporter, and after buying his country estate in dorset, famously declared that Labour could never win in such areas and that Labour supporters should back the libdems ( luckily weymouth and the rest of south dorset's working class ignored him and Labour promptly won there the next two elections). Bragg-art is now firmly outed as a Liberal landowner, When he shows up at Tolpuddle this year, like the country squire sharing his largesse amongst his loyal peasants, lets hope he gets told that Tory supporting turncoats can fuck off!

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