Saturday, June 19, 2010

shouldering responsibility

after the ultra- slow- slow- motion- car- crash- mascarading- as- a- football- game which was England vs. Algeria the blame game and recriminations are sure to follow.
In reality however I think it is time that resposnibility is acknowledged where it truly lies:

With me.

Well in truth, all of us.

We are like the woman who appears on Jeremy Kyle; she knows that he uses drugs, sleeps around steals and knocks her about, and yet she always ready to forgive him, to believe his latest sob story and to take him back.

Until the next time.
It is the same with England. Every four years the drums start beating and the strains of 'its coming home' awakens a small spark of optimism deep in a heart that has been scarred far to often, and suddenly you find yourself repeating the mantra of the abused:
"but they've changed! This time it will be better, they've promised!"
and we wave our little flags deck ourselves in our replica shirts and park ourselves in front of the television and find that its the old story once again.
At least Jeremy Kyle's ne'erdo wells have a chance of scoring (usually with their sister in laws).
Like the poorly misused women of Kyle's show, a clean break is what is needed
It is time to break the cycle of abuse.
I have decided to learn Dutch.
Hup Holland!

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