Sunday, August 22, 2010

A world to win? An open invitation.

Thinking about the post before last, it occurred to me that I had not heard anyone from the Left actually talk about what it is that they were fighting for.
we know plenty about what we are against, but nothing at all about what would replace the present state of affairs if the Left was to take power.
I am of the opinion that this is one of the problems that confronts the Left; it has become a reactionary movement, certain in its dislikes, but without any positive message to enthuse or attract new support.
This has not always been the case; at the beginning of the twentieth century Socialists, whether Marxist social democrats, or Leninist Communist were able to mobilise hundreds of thousands with their visions of the better world that the adoption of their programmes would herald. Even the industrial unions of the Anarcho Syndicalists gained mass support in certain areas.
This was because, however authoritarian or muddle headed the solutions offered by these organisations, they made sense and offered an improvement in the conditions that the working class were enduring under a Capitalism violently tearing itself apart attempting to escape from the crisis of Imperialist confrontation.
The world, and Capitalism, has moved on. But the Left has not.
Tony Cliff used to say that the case for Socialism was simple, just look at what Capitalism has done: but this just does not cut the mustard; without a real vision offering the Working Class a better future it cannot hope, nor deserve, to attract support.
I think that the Left has lost all sight of a positive vision for the future, but I want to be proved wrong.
I am therefore opening up this blog for anyone who wishes to put forward a vision or blueprint for a socialist future.
Send them in, show us what we are fighting for.
Just a couple of rules:
1. Only positive visions- we are always hearing what we are against- this is to hear what we are for.
2. no attacks on others, put forward your vision, don't snipe at others ( the lefts only acheivement in recent years has been to embrace the internet as a weapon of vitriol).
3. Lets have vision for a future- not reruns of 1917, 1936 etc. etc.

Contributions will be published as seperate authored posts, with their own comments threads.


james walsh said...
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james walsh said...
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james walsh said...

I always liked the vitriol- specially when I was giving Jed Peck a good kicking- I'd had rather done it with my boots. But a was a bit schooled by the likes of Mark Fisher.

Got about 30 topics listed to write about- I'll add this to the list. Tthey, when I think about it, most of it's all joined up- we need to start our communist new testament gospel- books 1 & 2 Hitchhiker's guide too the galaxy and Dark tea time of the soul.

Anyway I've a few more rocks to smash - before I'm ready.

James walsh