Saturday, October 16, 2010

fighting back

perhaps it is my age, but try as I might I cannot stand the thought of sitting through hours of political bullshit meetings. If opposing and fighting back against this slimeball government means having to listen to the would be Commissars and waannabe carreerists tossing themselves into verbal orgasm a the thought of at last having an audience again (since the last one melted away buried under a mass of unwanted 'we are all hesbollah' placards). then we have alreasdy lost. however for the left this matters not. their agenda isn't anything about stopping the cuts or defending the working classes living conditions, and everything about atttracting a new layer of sub paying sheep to fill the coffers and keep the full timers in their positions.
It is for this reason that I welcome Ian Bones attempt to revive CLASS WAR,
We need to bring back the ethos of Class War; cut through the bollocks of the lefty poseurs and instead make the rich afraid! make it clear that the libdems and the tories are, each and every one of the curs, personally responsible for the effects of the cuts that Camerron/Clegg impose.
"if you cut our services- we will cut you!"

who is that fat bastard?

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