Saturday, November 13, 2010

redemanding the impossible!

over the past year or so I have somewhat drifted into the realms of respectability and possiblism, allowing my distaste for Trotskyism and dispair at the collapse of the Left to lead me into accepting in some measure the political perspectives of Reformism (even, as I am sure comrades will be sure of constantly reminding me for years to come, taking up a Labour Party Card in the run up to the last election).
However, fickle creature that I am, it does not take much to bring me back to sanity, one afternoon of inspired direct action from the kids has me reembracing the old black flag and spurning the tempations(?) of 'Bland Labour (To be truthful, I voted for Balls, both for the slogan opportunities, and as he appeared the only one who actually seemed to understand the need to Oppose the bastards).
I think that a major cause of my slide into despair has been my 'addiction' to two of the more baleful sites available on the interweb- socialist unity blog and harrys place. SU blog was formed by a group of former SWP members who came together in the socialist alliance, all have fled except for Andy Newman and the site has become the repository for every shite aspect of 'the left'; in the name of Anti Imperialism, the SU has cheerleaded the actions of the Iranian Govt., the chinese govt.,and even the Russian federation for fucks sake! Obsessed with 'islamophobia' and Anti Zionism to the point of holding the fascists of Hamas and Hesbollah as examplars the SU represents everything that stinks about the left in Britain.
Harrys place was the nemesis of SU blog; originally a clearly social democratic blog which placed itself centrally in the left and stood against the madness of the left's Islamophilia and sucking up to the 'resistance', and had a rather dodgy readership. Now the lefties have all moved on and the dodgy readers have taken over-
since the election the blog has become an openly tory site- attacking strikers and protesters and defending tory scum.

from now on I will bash myself around the head with my copy of Bakunin's "Hair Tips and Beard Styles for Beginners" everytime I am tempted to click on those links


ModernityBlog said...

Surely that was going to happen with both blogs?

Since the impulse with both seems to be more towards petty contrarianism (doing the opposite of your perceived political opponents), in the case of SU blog, after falling out with the SWP, Comrade Cardigan was attracted to the solidity of China's ruling classes, but the coverage of antifascism, and the odd trade union article is not too bad.

As for HP, once you become obsessed with petty minor Muslim clerics, then you're going to gain in audience that likes that type of nonsense, Daily Mail racists.

But either way there has been an increase in anti- Muslim bigotry in Britain, and we should all aim to oppose it.

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